Friday Fundraising

Fundraising is a component of the Death Ride Tour. Each participant is required to raise at least $300 for ALS-TDI. Click here for info about the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Please click here for my personal donation page. I have 307 Instagram followers and 323 friends on Facebook. I know some of my connections are duplicates, but if each of them gave $1 I would hit the minimum goal. Thank you for considering a donation.

Here is the background of why I am riding and raising money.

My dad’s story – The year is 2016 and my dad moved to Sioux Falls, SD to be closer to family and retire. He was planning a full retirement with relatives, odd jobs and most importantly riding his bike. During that year the unthinkable happened and he was diagnosed with ALS. Obviously many of the things he was looking forward to did not happen. My dad passed away last November from complications related to ALS.

My story – Many memories of my dad growing up involve bicycles. He fixed up my first two wheeler that I learned to ride on, took me shopping for my first mountain bike and was always active on his bike from triathlons to local rides with friends. One of my favorite cycling memories is participating in the Seattle to Portland ride with my dad and my sister. Riding 200 miles together over two days is something we will never forget.

I raising money for the future of ALS research and hopefully a cure.

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