Coffeeneuring #1 – explore

I participated in my first coffeeneuring challenge three years ago and decided that I should join the fun again. Click here for all the details. I will be recapping each of my rides this week. Hint – each ride was given a word. See if you can figure out the connection.

  1. Okoboji, Iowa
  2. October 12
  3. Scooters Pumpkin Caramelicious (the local coffee shops were all closed due to the pandemic)
  4. This was my first time riding in Okoboji and I definitely want to ride there again. There are miles of bike paths and when routed through urban areas, the bike route has great signage. The ride was made even better with my family joining me.
  5. 25.69 miles

Click here for the Strava

Bike check

This morning I embark on the Death Ride. The bike I’m riding is a Soma Fog Cutter. This is the description from the Soma,

The Fog Cutter is an endurance road/road sport design. We designed it to fit fatter tires, but its geometry makes it handle like a road bike rather than CX or gravel bike. It can float you over chewed up asphalt better than most bikes in this category. This is the frame you want for long days in the saddle and the most demanding commutes.

What makes this bike special is that I have used some key components from the last bike my dad rode for the build. My hands are holding the same handlebar and pedals are turning the same crankset he did. This bike is my first road bike and it has been fun to ride a new style of bike these past few months.

I need to give recognition to Soma, Spoke-n-Sport and Sturdy Bag Designs. Soma for helping me with the frame and fork, Spoke-n-Sport for the build, especially, Andy, and Sturdy Bag Designs for the custom frame bag. Thank you all so much!

Birthday Miles

My dad had a birthday miles cycling tradition. Every year on his birthday he rode the number of miles to equal his new age. I don’t remember exactly when he started this but it was for sure the last 10-15 years of his life. I was never able to ride his birthday miles with him but am planning on continuing his tradition.

Last Thursday was my birthday. I was traveling for work and did not have the opportunity to ride that day. The sun came out in the morning yesterday and Nichole encouraged me to go for a ride. I wasn’t planning on riding but ended up going around the Sioux Falls bike trail loop two times for a total of 41.1 miles. I thought of my dad most of the ride and silently thanked him for his birthday miles inspiration.


I took this picture a few weeks ago during my Easter morning ride. Thinking about this picture I realized that the one of the first places to experience the sun’s light in Sioux Falls is the Federal Penitentiary. The people in this prison are the first one’s to experience the sun’s light and warmth everyday. My faith background celebrates the resurrection of Jesus on Easter and because of this we are set free from our sins and can experience Jesus love in our lives everyday. I thought about my dad during this ride and how the message of Christ was the most important thing in his life. I know he went in to prisons to share with people and at one time he lived/worked at the Sioux Falls Union Gospel Mission to share the message through his words and actions. My hope for all of us is that we take advantage of each day we get to experience the sunrise.