Gourmet Club

A few years ago a friend asked Nichole and me if we wanted to join a Gourmet Club. We said yes and it has turned into one of our favorite activities.

Charcuterie plate

There are six couples in the club that get together about every other month to enjoy food and drink together. The host couple picks a theme and is responsible for the main course and drinks. That couple then distributes recipes for appetizers, sides and desserts to the others. We have dined on meat jello, baked Alaska, celery root, leeks, savory soups, many different meats, delicious desserts and foods from all around the world. The drinks have been fantastic also. It does not hurt that one of the members is an award-winning brewmeister.

Mashed potatoes with butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkin seeds and brussel sprout leaves

Obviously there has been lots of delicious food over these past few years but the thing that has surprised me the most is the relationships that have been discovered. One rule of Gourmet Club is no kids. This has given the club the chance to hang out as adults without distraction and many of us have shared that the laughter and conversation we share is a highlight. Shortly after my dad’s passing I was surprised to receive a card in the mail with some movie tickets for the family. The card and tickets came from the Gourmet Club. Nichole and I were shocked to receive this but then realized that this group of people has become our friends and the connection we have is much deeper than we expected.

Raspberry chocolate port cake

Gourmet Club has given me the chance to eat delicious, gourmet food but also have great relationships. If you have a chance to comment this weekend, let me know if there is something in your life that took a positive turn you were not expecting?

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