Death Ride Tour X – part II

Dude!!! You never said this was 225 miles in the mountains!!!!

My friend’s response when I told him I had registered and he looked further into the details of the ride. One of my best friends, Ken Elsner, is going to join me for the Death Ride Tour X.

Here are the details of the ride – it’s a doozy! Only 129 training days left.

Click here for Part I

Death Ride Tour X – Part I

Every year I’m trying to do at least one bike adventure. This year it’s going to be the Death Ride Tour. Sounds ominous and it is. The ride is 235 miles with 16,000 feet of climbing over three days. Why am I subjecting myself to this? I’m riding this tour in memory of my dad.

I sat in Queen City earlier this week and registered for the ride. I got to this set of questions . . .
Has anyone in your life been affected by ALS? : Yes
If so are they still alive? : No
If yes please supply name and relationship to you. Please supply full name. You will receive a special flag at rider check in for you to carry on the ride. : Harald Gruber, father

As I typed my dad’s name tears welled up in my eyes and I began crying in the middle of the bakery. I’m pretty steady when it comes to feelings, so this reaction took me by surprise. In dealing with my dad’s death I have been taken by surprise like this a few times when something unexpected caused emotions to come the surface.

Click here for more info about the Death Ride and come back soon for another post with ride details and who my riding partner is going to be.

Death Ride Tour

In my last post I shared about my dad, ALS and cycling. Last fall I looked into charity rides for ALS and found this – Death Ride Tour (click here for the official website) I’m planning on riding the Death Ride Tour this summer. It is by far the most challenging cycling event I have ever ridden. I am planning on blogging about everything involved in the participation of an event like this.

If you have some time, please comment on what your plans are for the new year and if you are going to try something challenging!